Real Estate consulting at Tropical Island Real Estate takes a proactive approach and focuses on partnering with developers from a project’s earliest stages. Our agency consistently exceeds expectations by providing marketing, expertise and service. To ensure excellence, we analyzes every component of the process from finding and evaluating the right location, defining product and unit mix, developing a design program to market and promote the development. By anticipating the demands of the luxury market, Tropical Island Real Estate has proven successful time and again at positioning the product to achieve the highest price at the desired absorption rate.


Site Acquisition: The dynamic growth, potential of Montserrat has made it one of the up and coming growing economies in the Eastern Caribbean. With the demand for quality sites for luxury developments escalating, Tropical Island Real Estate’s knowledge of available inventory is one of the company’s competitive advantages

Site Analysis: Optimizing the potential of a site has proven to be a key element to a successful development. Perfecting the art of site optimization has been the result of a collaborated effort between developers and Tropical Island Real Estate experts as well as recommended specialists in land surveying, architecture, landscaping, construction and yield management. Luxury is space and in today’s competitive environment the management of space is often the key to achieving the ultimate dollar per square foot return.

Market Research:  Invaluable and unique to the marketplace, our database of knowledge forms the foundation to the company’s research and analysis capabilities. By continuously conducting comprehensive research including the evaluation of competitive sales data, feasibility studies determining market trends and product success cycles, Tropical Island Real Estate defines Montserrat’s real estate.

Market Analysis: In applying this knowledge base and market statistics to a developers’ project as they relate to the local arena, Sun Island Real Estate provides the foundation for excellent development fundamentals. Due to the company’s dominating share of the market listings, the firm is assured knowledge on a first-to-know basis of developments in the pipeline.


Development Program: Appropriate product positioning involves the collaboration of all key aspects of a development. By working closely with the developer, architect, interior designer and construction team, Tropical Island Real Estate has played a key role in the creation of products that successfully blend form and function to optimize marketability. Such in-depth involvement determines specifics such as product mix, unit size, floor-plan design and pricing strategy.

Partnering Professionals: Based on developer needs,Tropical Island Real Estate can recommend, select and coordinate a combination of professionals with a proven track record to provide services such as architecture, interior design, landscaping, legal counsel, property surveying and master planning.