Parcel-12/4/401, Old Towne-Sold!

Parcel-12/4/401, Old Towne-Sold!

Property ID : 12/4/401
Lot Area: 0.30 Acre

Sold!!  Blk & Parcel-12/4/401, Logwood Rd, Old Towne

-0.3 Acre Fully Serviced Lot

-Very Gentle Slope

-Views of Caribbean Sea

-Views of Centre Hills & Garibaldi Hill

-Prime Residential Neighborhood

-Asking  US$49,000

View of Lot From Roadside

West Boundary Neighbour & View

View of Lot From Roadside

South View From Lot-Logwood Rd & Garibaldi

Lot Roadside-View West

Lot View of Centre-Hills

Roadside East View of Logwood

West Boundary Fence

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